The Latest From AZ Drone In November – DJI Avata – Black Friday – Client job sites

This week has seen a lot of activity here at AZ Drone.  We’ve done some additional flights and video for the Wheelhouse Sports Complex this week.  A new web page has been assembled from the flight for our clients using the same techniques featured in our Custom web page building class, and it’s looking good to go.  We also flew another residential site with the DJI Avata as well, and we’re putting together a new presentation on that site too.  It looks like we will find a space in our service offerings where an FPV drone will come in handy.

Black Friday Sale Continues

In addition to client work, we’ve been growing our class lectures as well this week.  Our full class bundle includes 17 videos covering our drone job workflow, custom drone data  presentations, autonomous flight apps and more.  The entire class series is designed to help new drone operators grow their business and service offerings for new and existing customers.

For the end of 2022 the full class bundle is marked down to $100 (that’s a $150 savings).  You get all of our current courses, and any new courses added to the bundle over time.  To learn more visit our Class Bundle Page for more information.  The coupon code is AZBUNDLE.

Our individual classes are all on sale as well.  All individual classes are available at 40% off using the coupon code 40PERCENT.  Classes cover making money with your drone, our drone job workflow, drone construction progression reporting, and more.

Remember, all of our classes offer free previews as well.  We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our class series.

Where to find AZ Drone

Looking to follow along with our work?  Here’s a list of useful links for finding more information from AZ Drone.

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