Adding the DJI Avata FPV Drone to our business

Several days ago we visited a job site with a completely new drone.  DJI’s Avata FPV drone.  We’d never worked with an FPV drone before, and honestly I wasn’t sure where it would fit in our business.  But after seeing the drone’s performance both indoor and outdoor I was impressed.  Couple that with a novice drone pilot getting the hang of the drone in no time, I was even more impressed.

The job site required both indoor and outdoor filming.  Normally I would use the Mavic 2 Pro outside for orthomosaic images, flight video, and still aerial images as well.  Inside the building we’d normally use a Go Pro, Canon M50, or a smart phone on a gimbal.  The Avata helped up greatly indoors, and partially outdoors.  The Avata isn’t made for mapping and modeling, so I still had to use the Mavic 2 Pr for that part.  But the aerial video from the Avata was something else to be sure!

After our initial testing with the Avata we can see many uses for it.  Indoor home tours jumps to mind.  Documenting building interiors before they’ve completed construction is another possibility.  More cinematic flight around properties also seems like a good use as well.

As we continue testing this drone we’ll keep you updated.  And for realtors, construction workers, builders, and anyone else interesting in the area, we’ve got a new flight format you might just enjoy!

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