Aerial Photography and Video Service

 Arizona from the air

Drone Photography and Video

Today’s drones are amazing.  What’s coming in the next year or two will be even more amazing.  Drones today offer a lot to many industries.  But the bottom line about unmanned aerial systems?

They’re flying cameras.

While UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can be used in a variety of industries, they’re little more than flying cameras with GPS built in.  That means every photo taken has information about the image’s location, elevation, time of day, etc.  All of that information can come together in map models for construction clients, real estate clients, those looking for inspection services, and more.  The way all of the data is collected is through images and videos generated by the little flying cameras we call drones.

The most basic application of drones is very simple.  Aerial Photography and Videography.  We’re here to tell you, the images generated can be more than just a basic photo.

Photography and Video Expertise

As with any other camera, experience and skill goes a long way toward creating great images and video.  AZ Drone currently offers 2 experienced photographers who are also FAA Part 107 compliant.  Many remote pilots today don't have a background in photographic services.  AZ Drone offers both skilled pilots and skilled photographers to our clients.

Getting out and capturing images and video with a drone is just the beginning of the story.  After flying for clients a lot more work goes on behind the scenes.  Image selection, post production, editing, color correction, and more.  For every hour we're on a client location generating images, we spend several hours on selection and post processing.  While unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are technological marvels, many don't offer the greatest image and video out of the box.  That's where photographic knowledge really comes into play, and AZ Drone has you covered there!

Greg Reverdiau

Greg’s passion is flying.  He’s not only an FAA Certified Part 107 pilot, he’s also a manned aircraft pilot as well.  Oh, and a certified flight instructor and former senior executive for several flight schools. Greg loves to not only fly his drone but share the aviation knowledge he’s accumulated over the last decade and a half. Find more information about the Part 107 training courses he offers right here.

Rich Charpentier

Rich is a former network engineer who changed careers back in 2006.  For over a decade he’s produced photography in a gallery setting as well as a commercial setting.  Since becoming an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot, Rich has enjoyed adding aerial photography to his already impressive skill set. Rich has developed several tutorial videos for drone mapping that can be found on our YouTube channel.