360 Virtual Tours For Your Business

AZ Drone now offers 360 Virtual Tours for our clients.  If you're looking for an aerial tour provider, AZ Drone can meet your needs.  If you're looking for terrestrial virtual tours, we can do that too!

When people think of Virtual Tours they often think of Real Estate tours (which we offer as well).  But these can be used beyond selling a home.  If you're looking to show off your business on the ground or from the air, we can accommodate your needs.  Give your potential customers an accurate view of your business and services.  Show off your unique location easily.

The tours we build are hosted online, and our clients are able to embed the tour into their own website, and provide links to other websites to also host your tour.  Additionally, AZ Drone will share your final product with Google Street View as well.  To see a demonstration tour from the 'Tis Art Gallery" scroll down and take a look of our coverage of a 3 story historic location in downtown Prescott Arizona.  This gallery walk through covers 27 scenes throughout the main gallery, second floor, and 3rd floor function hall, and it connects to our "Courthouse Plaza" tour as well!

Please Note:  All of our client tours are uploaded to Google Street View.  There is no hosting fee on Google Street View, and your 360 images will be on Street View for years to come.  There is no real "customization" of Street View Tours, and that's why we also add our clients to Kuula for 360 tours with text labels, the option for voiceovers, video embeds, and more.

Want to see more samples of our tours?  Pops over the ExplorePrescott.org to see additional tour samples.

We are a Google Maps Street View trusted provider.

Larger Ground Tour


  • Up To 18 Scenes Inside & Outside
  • Embed on your own website.
  • Share Your Tour On Additional Websites
  • Uploaded to Google Street View
  • Tour Hosted On Kuula.co For 1 Year
  • Additional Scenes At $25 Each

Aerial & Terrestrial Tour

Custom Tour

Combined Tour On The Ground And In The Air
  • Indoor & Outdoor Tours Available
  • Embed on your own website.
  • Share Your Tour On Additional Websites
  • Uploaded to Google Street View
  • Tour Hosted On Kuula.co For 1 Year

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Additional Tour Services Available

  • Voiceover on specific scenes - We can add an audio file to each scene, or to the overall tour as well.  You can supply us with your Voiceover file and we can embed it into the scene of your choice.  Want one of our team members to record your voiceover?  We can do that as well.
  • Embeded Video - Videos can be embedded into your tour as well.  Do you have a video about your business listed on YouTube or Vemeo?  We can add that video into a 360 scene for you.  Do you need a video created about your company and the services you offer?  AZ Drone can help you bring that video to life, and include it within your virtual tour.
  • Embeded Still Images - Have still images of your products that you'd like your clients to see in your tour?  We can quickly add your images into the overall tour.  Do you need us to create still images to embed in your tour?  We can do standard photography while capturing your 360 tour.

Let us know what additional services you'd like within your tour and we'll create a custom quote for you!

Watson Lake Tour Example

In the first scene of the tour featured below, rotate almost 180 degrees counter clockwise and you'll notice a Video Play Button.  Go ahead and click on that to see how embedded videos function within a tour.