Drone Construction Services

What We Do

AZ Drone looks to provide the best quality of imaging and aerial data collection with today’s cutting edge drone technologies. Utilizing aerial imaging and data we can help construction companies manage their resources more effectively, make decisions with more accurate data, track site progress more easily, provide methods to share progress with investors and customers alike, add to workplace safety, and save money throughout the process. The drone revolution is just beginning, and all organizations involved in the construction industry will benefit from the latest in aerial data collection.

Bottom line?

Monitor your construction sites as they evolve!

Utilizing georeferenced orthophotos and 3D data you and your investors will see exactly where your project is at. View the current state of your site for up-to-date information and continued analysis, making on the ground management and detailed virtual inspections more efficient.

  • Earthworks – Volumetric analysis, stockpile measurements, and contour data available at your fingertips.
  • BIM (Building Information Management) – Monitor site progress to stay on task with your BIM scheduling.
  • Real Time Visual Inspection – Photogrammetry for safe and efficient site inspections.
  • Job site video – See what’s happening at the job site over a series of time differentiated points.
  • Digital Elevation Models – Terrain inspection data that can be utilized by your survey engineer.
  • Please Note: For property measurements AZ Drone does not interpret the data gathered. Only licensed land surveyors can interpret measurements and property lines.

Drone Site Modeling

Whether you’re at the beginning of a new construction project, or finishing out your latest masterpiece community, AZ Drone can assist with aerial modeling of your project. Aerial modeling can showcase your construction location, workplace progress, site features, and more. Investors and buyers alike can get a bird’s eye view of the overall location from start to finish, or they can get a finalized view of the project’s completion.

Drone based data collection for site modeling provides much more detail than a Google Map or Google Earth map. Seeing a site with detail on this level can be a compelling marketing feature, and can also be useful in planning development as a project is under way.  Measurements, acreage, and volumetric measurements are all possible with properly selected targets before any flight begins!  Of course, only a licensed land surveyor can interpret measurment data to ensure accuracy and compliance with the region you're building in.  AZ Drone will happily supply all collected data to your survey team and work directly with them for specific data collection needs.

With quality information provided through drone modeling you can save both time and money relaying your project to any interested parties, while increasing workplace safety as well.

A Sample Drone Model

Feel free to take a look at this sample drone modeling project for one of our clients. This new map represents an RV Park in Tucson Arizona. There are multiple measurement tools included for you to try out, so feel free to give it a whirl.

Drone 3D Modeling

A flat print map of your construction site is one thing. But with the latest 3D modeling technologies you can take it even further. Whether you’re looking to overlay current progress with blueprints initially provided at the start of your project, or you’re looking for volumetric measurements, aerial imaging and data capture can help you achieve your goals. Seeing a project develop via 3D modeling can help provide investors with near real time information that demonstrates a site’s progress and current needs.

3D point clouds are generated from overlapped geo-referenced images giving you the accurate location in the object space.  3D models are highly dependent on the number of images provided and their overlap.  The bottom line is simple.  The more data captured in the field, the more realistic and usable the 3D models become.  How accurate you'd like to be depends on your specific per project needs.

Example Drone 3D Modeling

This sample 3D drone model was not imaged at a high resolution, yet still provides a very realistic view of the RV Park we were working with.  Similar models for construction progress and display can be created at a higher quality than this sample map.

Drone Construction Progression

If you’re starting a new construction project from the ground up, drone imaging and data capture can help you demonstrate site progress over time. Whether a few times a week, or once a month, aerial video, stills, and data points can be gathered from set locations to demonstrate whether or not your project is on time and on budget or not. Developing a catalogue of your projects and their progression will also add to your ability to market your construction firm to other similar projects by demonstrating your workplace management and attention to timelines and time constraints.

Included in this section are 3 items.  First a video put together from a construction project at Quailwood, near Dewey Arizona.  The second item is a 2D map of a new home construction site before the frames went up.  The final item is a sample 3D model of the construction site.  Over time both models can be updated for more accuracy.  The current models are "bare bones," as this was a test site for AZ Drone.  Performing a more detailed image survey can enhance both models, and on future projects we'll make sure to include higher resolution and detailed models for your viewing.

A few interesting items to note.  On the 2D map you can actually take measurements with the measuring tools (located on the left side of the map).  It's very useful to see a site's size and layout, but there are powerful tools associated with these models allowing for measurement of fill volume, area, and length.

Additionally, on the upper right of the 2D map there is a layers button available for you.  You can view and elevation model of the site as well.  Planning for drainage issues, verifying roof height, and more can be achieved easily using the 2D map models!

A Sample Construction Progression Video

A Sample Construction Progression 2D Map

A Sample Construction Progression 3D Map