Real Estate Still Photography

People are looking for their next home online.  Before running out and driving through neighborhood after neighborhood, buyers today spend time online, researching their next home.  Photography is very important in the modern home sales scenario.  Aerial Photography is becoming extremely important as well.

Real Estate Aerial Video

More and more, video plays a role in showing off home sites as well.  Still photography is great for online listings, and aerial video is icing on the cake.  Potential home buyers are able to get a look at the neighborhood, the home, and the land associated with the home location easily.  More and more online real estate listing sites now include the ability to embed video into your home listings.

360 Degree Virtual Tours

Have you ever wanted to see the neighborhood of a new home site in a unique way?  What is my new home close to?  How densely populated is the area the house is located in?  Are you interested in taking a tour around the interior of the home as well?  Combining drone images and interior images offers unique virtual home tours for your clients.

Real Estate Video and Still Photography Example

Interior and Exterior Images - Drone Images and Terrestrial Images

Located below you'll find a sample slide show for both interior and exterior new home images for 998 Middle Drive, Chino Valley Arizona.  You may let the slideshow play itself, or you're welcome to arrow through the images.  This is a demonstration page only, and other formats are available to our clients.  We can deliver images and video via the cloud, or we can upload your still images and video to your selected online provider as well.  For further information contact us today to discuss your next project.

998 Middle Drive

This section is a demonstration page for AZ Drone (doing business as RLC Design Services) aerial and terrestrial imaging work for a new home real estate sale located at 998 Middle Drive, Chino Valley AZ.  We can cover new construction, existing construction, and more.  The scope of each job will be determined by you, our client.

Weather permitting we can normally capture 3 homes in close proximity to each other (maximum 1 hour per home for image & video collection), allowing us to expand services offered in a day to clients.  Post processing (image / video selection and editing) normally takes 2.5 - 3 hours per home, and we can turn around collected images and video within 48 hours of the shoot(s).

Below you'll find the actual time invested on this particular project.

  • Time on location:  45 minutes
  • Travel Time:  40 minutes round trip
  • Still image selection and editing:  1 hour
  • Video selection, editing, and compilation:  1.5 hour

Total time invested approximately 4 hours for RLC Design.

Deliverables provided for this project:

  • 15 still fully edited images for the client.
  • 2 minute Exterior and Interior Video.
  • All original images and video clips can be provided to clients as well as the edited images and video.

This particular project was a simple one with minimal requirements from the builder we worked with.  We're happy to work on small projects and large projects as well.  You can learn more about our pricing below.

Real Estate Images Aren't Just For Homes!

After a total renovation of their offices, Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale worked with us to image their modernized facility.  In addition RLC Design (parent company of AZ Drone) did a series of portrait sessions with multiple patients to show off the amazing work they do.  If you have an imaging project that goes beyond Drone Photography and video, let us know, we can most likely help you out with all of your imaging needs!

Prescott AZ Drone Real Estate Photography

Prescott AZ Drone Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Project Pricing 2019

The pricing schedule below applies to Real Estate Projects within the Tri-City Area of Chino Valley, Prescott Valley, and Prescott Arizona.  If your project is outside of this area travel fees will apply beyond the pricing schedule below.  Images will be shared with clients via Drop Box.  If you'd like us to upload images and videos to your listings we'll need to discuss the logistics of it, and we'd be happy to do it.  These prices apply to homes 2000 square feet and below.  For larger homes we'll be happy to create a custom quote based on the number of images and video you'd like to represent your home listing.

Single Home


Single Home 1 day - 2000 sq foot and under
  • Still Photography & Video
  • Up to 20 Edited Still Images delivered for the listing
  • Up to 2 minute video aerial and ground based of the property.
  • Flights fully insured and performed by a certified Part 107 Drone Pilot.
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Two Homes


2 Homes shot in 1 day - 2000 sq ft and under per home
  • Still Photography & Video
  • Up to 20 Edited Still Images delivered for each listing
  • Up to 2 minute video aerial and ground based of the property for each listing
  • Flights fully insured and performed by a certified Part 107 Drone Pilot.
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