Real Estate Photography

Professional photos are one of the most effective and important tools in today's modern home sales scenarios and is a necessity for any realtor.  It's important that your listing includes professionally shot and edited interior/exterior photos to truly showcase each home/listing.

Potential buyers are shopping online first (especially right now), be it for a condo, manufactured or custom home, and they know when it's been shot with a phone.

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial photos for real estate are becoming just as expected as interior/exterior photos.  They show off the surrounding area and landscape features in a way that ground level photography just can't capture.

Not to mention it look's much better than zooming in on Google Earth.  Boring yard but a big beautiful mountain in the distance?  A drone will capture that beauty in a way that a photographer on the ground simply cannot.

Virtual Tour / 360 Photos

Virtual tours don't have to be "too complex."  Often viewers have a difficult time following through multiple rooms.  A simple virtual tour can include highlighted rooms, areas of great interest, or a walk through of the main home features.  Still photos can supplement the virtual tour, filling in the blanks of smaller rooms, laundry areas, etc.  Combining drone images with interior images offers unique virtual home tours for your clients.  Right now potential buyers are doing as much online as they can to limit their exposure to others.

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What To Expect

  • Professional Photography

    15+ years of photography experience

  • Professional Set-Up & Equipment

    DSLR cameras with stands and lighting

  • Edits using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

  • Licensed Drone Pilot

    Part 107 FAA Certified

  • Liability Insurance

    Every flight is insured