MTracker 3D Area from MotionVFX

For our drone clients, as well as our drone flight students, we always like to share information about the tools and techniques we use.  This week we’ll be talking about a plugin for the Final Cut Pro video editor, MTracker 3D Area.

Drone operators have a multitude of ways to share aerial information with clients.  Aerial photographs, video, 360 virtual tours, mapping and modeling, and more.  Aerial videos are very popular in a variety of applications.  Homes for sale can be captured from above, new construction sties can also be seen in a new way.  And with the video editing tools available these days, a quick flight over a location can turn into informative and attractive representation of the job site in question.

MTracker 3D Area

Recently AZ Drone has been working with a Final Cut Pro plugin called MTracker 3D area.  This tool allows us to overlay information directly on to a video.  Want to show the general layout of a new home site while flying over the structure?  You can do that easily with MTracker 3D.  Are you looking to put animated 3D markers on to your videos?  That’s easily achieved as well.

Below you’ll find our latest YouTube video where I demonstrate how these 3D objects can be added to your next video production.  For potential clients, this might be a great way to share your property.  For drone operators, this could be another service you provide to your customers.


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