AZ Drone Class Holiday Sale – Our Full Class Bundle For One Low Price

Here we are nearing the end of October already. Soon Halloween will be in the rearview mirror and Thanksgiving will be right ahead of us. I’m sure you’re thinking that this is quite the jump on Black Friday Sales in 2022, but it’s really not.  I’ve already been seeing special prices on software and hardware for my drone business.  So why not get ahead of things here at AZ Drone as well.

In 2022 AZ Drone is offering our best deal ever on our classes. Our entire class bundle featuring 15 classes is marked down from $250 to $100 for the holiday season.  Our courses on Drone Modeling, Autonomous Drone Flight, Drone Applications, Modeling Applications, and our Drone Job Workflow series are all wrapped into one bundle.   Simply follow this link to see all of the classes included in the bundle.  We also offer free previews of each course to help you determine if these classes are for you.  If you’re sold on our Class Bundle be sure to use the coupon code AZBUNDLE at checkout.

Class Bundles Featured On Teachable

For our Drone Class Bundle tutorial set, we’re hosting on  We also have courses on Udemy as well, but unfortunately they don’t allow content creators to bundle classes on their platform.  With that in mind, our newest courses can only be found on our Teachable Course Site.

The class bundle we’re offering in 2022 is designed for new drone operators.  After passing the Part 107 Exam from the FAA, drone operators are left to figure out a lot that’s not covered in an FAA Exam.  What do we cover to help new drone operators just starting their businesses?

  • What hardware and software you’ll need to get started.
  • Photography basics (drones are flying cameras).
  • Types of drone jobs available.
  • Construction Progression Reporting from drones (this is one of our main areas of focus for our business).
  • Introduction to 2D & 3D Drone Modeling.
  • Drone apps for modeling.
  • Drone apps for waypoint missions (still images and video).
  • Creating custom presentations for your drone customers.
  • Sample projects that AZ Drone gets paid for.
  • A view into ongoing projects AZ Drone is working on.
  • Class Bundle Updates – When we launch a new class it will be added to your class bundle.  So that means new content coming out is already covered with no additional fees.

Do Our Classes Help Our Students?

Between Teachable and Udemy we’ve helped over 4,000 students get their start with their own drone business needs.  Our average class rating on Udemy is 4.5 out of 5 stars. And the reviews we’ve gotten on our courses have been very encouraging as well.  Here are a few of our recent student reviews:

  • This was an excellent intro course to some of the low-cost ways to do 2D and 3D mapping with images from your drone. Richard keeps the concepts simple and presents a wealth of information that I am looking forward to trying out. My Macbook Pro is already trying to lift off from my desk as I put the trial version of Metashape through its paces. Looking forward to enrolling in more of his classes and any future content he presents here on Udemy. Drone 3D Modeling for Beginners – Low Cost Solutions
  • Starts with a good introduction and it is explained very clearly. Litchi Waypoint Missions for your Drone Business
  • I needed a crash course on DJI’s Ground Station Pro, or GSP as they’re calling it now. Richard’s descriptions were very detailed, and he didn’t rush through. I was able to absorb the information and use it immediately to create several ortho missions and fly them successfully.  Beginners DJI Ground Station Pro – Autonomous Drone Flight
  • Great Information for a new drone pilot to get answers and great tips for a pro.  A Drone Construction Progression Example – A Full Project
  • Yes,I have been assisting guys with DJI Phantom 4 but did not use one and this course will assist in preparing me to get into the use of software processing end using Agisoft. This course is more detailed and more informative providing alternative recommendations to capture applications and also the use of these apps during the planning and capture stage of image acquisition.  Introduction to 2 & 3D Drone Modeling With Agisoft Metashape

The Sale Starts Now!

Well, that title says it all.  The 2022 Holiday Sales event from AZ Drone is on.  From October 22nd of 2022 through to the end of December we’ll be offering our full class bundle for $100.  Please remember to use the coupon AZBUNDLE.

If you have any questions about the courses, upcoming courses, or other topics feel free to get in touch with us from our contact form here, or through the Teachable platform.


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