Arizona Drone’s New Direction

It has been a long time since AZ Drone’s Blog has been active.  We’ve been busy with new projects, online classes, and other tech related work.  Sadly, our content is spread across several platforms, but we’re going to start consolidating things at the end of 2022.  And that’s what today’s post is about.

Drone Clients

For those of you interested in AZ Drone’s aerial work, we’ll be talking more about our offerings going forward.  We specialize in construction progression reporting, from the raw land site to a full built structure.  We offer services for commercial build outs as well as residential construction.  If you have an aerial imaging need, we might be able to help you out.

I wanted to take a moment and let our drone clients know what else we do here at AZ Drone.  We offer a series of courses for drone operators who are just starting out.  Our students are usually beginners to intermediate drone operators who are looking to do similar work to what we offer.  We’re happy to help out our fellow drone pilots and share information on how we deliver quality products to our own customers time and time again.  Clients are also welcome to follow along with the information we publish here.  An informed customer is a great customer!  Please feel free to check out our YouTube Channel on our drone work, and our online classes as well.  Also, be sure to stop by our project website to see the types of projects we work on.  The site is titled “”

For Our Drone Work Students

We have over 7,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 4,000 students enrolled in at least one of our classes.  At the moment, our courses are located on Udemy and Teachable.  As we build new courses we’re hosting them on Teachable.  Currently the Teachable site hosts 15 courses covering what comes after passing the Part 107 test for new drone operators.  We focus heavily on new construction, building maps and models of our job sites, creating time lapse videos and stills, 360 degree virtual tours, and more.

If you have interest in any of our courses, please know that we offer free previews of each class series.  Simply pop over to to check out our courses and previews.

What’s Coming To AZ Drone Next?

We have recently launched a new class series on how to make money with your drone.  I think this topic is relevant to our drone clients and our drone students as well.  So I would suggest stopping by the class and checking out the free previews offered to get a feel for how AZ Drone works with our customers.

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