Creating Custom Drone Client Deliverable Web Pages

Over the years we’ve been working on ways to make information sharing with our drone clients easier.  Often times our customers are looking for multiple products to cover their job sites.  Some clients want 2D Orthomosaics showing construction progression.  Other clients want video flights through their construction sites.  Sometimes we’ll get requests for 360 degree virtual tours, still photos, time lapse videos, and more.  The bottom line is that we’re often creating custom work for almost every client we work with.

As client needs have grown, AZ Drone has taken to creating custom web pages for our drone clients.  Utilizing WordPress and a customizable theme like Elementor or X Theme we create web pages that can display video, still images, 360 images, 2D Models, 3D models, and more.  Rather than sending our customers multiple web links, we collect up all of the custom work we’ve done and put it in one simple web presentation.  Hey, it’s better than bombarding clients with Power Points, right?

After years of growing our custom web presentations, we’ve been asked by members of our YouTube community and Teachable community how we create these custom pages.  And in answer to their questions we offer the following….

AZ Drone Is Offering A New Class On Our Custom Deliverable Web Presentations

As of November 5th 2022 we have a new class available for drone pilots to help you create compelling web based presentations for your clients.  The new class is hosted on our Teachable platform.  Here’s the link.

This class is also included with our “Class Bundle”.  Our full class bundle includes 16 classes covering drone topics like autonomous flight, 2D & 3D Modeling, basic image editing, 360 degree virtual tours, and more.  And for the 2022 holiday season we’ve marked our class bundle down to $100 for more than 50% in savings.  And that includes our new course we’ve announced here today.  The coupon code is AZBUNDLE.  The link is here:

If you’ve been interested in any of our other courses, you might want to consider purchasing the bundle to gain access to all of our classes.  Of course, before you make any purchase feel free to look through our classes and check out the free previews for each class!

We look forward to seeing you on our class site soon!

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  1. I created a website and bought the domain under… (FL DRONE 3D MODELING). I would love to take this course but will I be able to incorporate this website that I create under word press into my fl drone website?

    1. Post


      Good afternoon. Thanks for getting in touch.

      You can link from the new website back to your WIX site, and you can link from your WIX site back to the custom drone deliverables website. If you’re going to get WordPress to make your custom deliverables website, you might consider migrating everything to the WordPress site over time.

      Personally, I have my main website that I use to inform potential customers, etc. And I made the second website for my clients to track their builds. As I noted above, you could combine the sites into one main site as well with WordPress over time.

      Just so you know, building and maintaining a site on WordPress will be more involved than using Wix. There are a lot more tools available through WordPress and the Elementor plugin (what we use for the stylized pages). Have you checked out the two preview lectures from the new class. Here’s the link.

      Feel free to drop a note back if you have additional questions.


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