Arizona Drone Class Sale – Black Friday Starts Now

We’re quickly approaching the holiday season.  2022 has gone by quickly for sure.  And we hope you’ve had a busy year with your drone work!

Looking to up your game with your drone business? I encourage you to stop by our Drone Class Website and take a look at the courses we’ve assembled.  AZ Drone’s main focus is on Drone Construction Progression monitoring.  We enjoy flying new builds while they’re under construction.  From the concrete pour to the finished property, we cover it all.  And if you’re interested in doing similar work, we have a series of class you might find interesting with some great discounts as well!

Save $150 On AZ Drone’s Class Bundle – Coupon Code AZBUNDLE

What types of classes are we offering to drone operators?  Here’s a run down of the types of courses available.

  • What comes after you pass the Part 107 exam?  What software and hardware do you need.  Can you find low cost solutions if you’re just getting started?
  • 2 Classes on our workflow used here at AZ Drone.
  • Custom Deliverable Websites for sharing information with clients.
  • 2 Classes on Drone Construction Progression.
  • 3 Classes on Autonomous Flight for modeling and monitoring.
  • 3 Classes on Autonomous Flight Apps to manage your flights.
  • 2 Classes on 2D & 3D Model rendering with WebODM and Meta Shape
  • Lightroom Basics Class
  • 3 Classes on 360 virtual tours with drones and on the ground.

You’re welcome to stop by the class site, check out each class, and watch the free previews as well!

By the way

All students who sign up to our Complete Class Bundle will have access to not only the current courses, but all updates to them and all new courses added here at AZ Drone.  Use coupon code AZBUNDLE to get $150 off the bundle.

If you’re interested individual courses use the code 40PERCENT get 40% off

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