Real Estate Photos You Might Never See Without Editing

If you’ve been house hunting in the past few years you might have come across some really compelling images that you’ll never see in real life.  Instead, often you’ll see edited images that really catch your attention.  Stunning sunrise and sunset photos featuring a home that you won’t see with your eyes.  Beautiful scenes from indoors looking out through windows that show a lot of outside detail.  Angles that can only be obtained using drones, that you’d otherwise never see from your location on the ground.

These amazing images only come to life when photographers get what they can on location, and then edit the images back in the studio.  And believe me, I’ve seen a lot of heavily images on real estate listing sites that you’ll never with the naked eye.

Are edited photos for real estate deceptive?  Should photographers and realtors “stick to the facts,” or is it okay to include a few eye popping outdoor and indoor scenes?

Exterior Sunset / Sunrise Photos With Amazing Window Lights

One of the most requested types of images real estate photographers are asked to do are the sunset sunrise images with window light pouring out of the house.  When the images are first shot photographers are working against a lot of shadows on the home and foreground.  And they’re working to capture the rich sunset colors in the sky.  So extreme dark areas and extreme light areas.  Often photographers will take multiple exposures, and then blend them together for the final image.

If you were to go stand where the photographer stood at sunset, you would never see the scene that was presented in the image.  But it might just be that particular photo appeals to potential home buyers, even if they’ll never see that scene in real life.

Want to learn more?  Go ahead and play the YouTube video below where you can see examples of where images started, and where they finished.


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