Providing Client Data – Beyond Cloud Storage

Google Drive is one of many cloud sharing services. This might be all the solution you need.

Often drone operators find themselves trying to figure out how to share client data for a project easily.  Different kinds of clients require different types of data.  In the case of real estate jobs for example, often clients just want the raw images.  Or maybe they want edited images of the homes they’re listing.  Sometimes they might have requirements on image size from MLS.  There are many formats realtors might want, but then comes the question, “how do I get them their final product?”

Here at AZ Drone we focus heavily on drone construction monitoring.  In the case of those clients, they often want 2D maps, 3D models, 360 degree virtual tours, video, stills, and more.  In all honesty, there are a lot of formats clients can request.  And after generating their processed data we still have the issue of getting the data to them.

The basic solution for many drone pilots is to share their final captures with their clients through cloud storage services like DropBox, Google Driven, or Microsoft OneDrive.  Create a folder on one of these services, upload to the cloud, and then share a download link with the customer.  Once you’ve posted your files the customer can download them, and use the images or video wherever they like.

The thing is, this is not the most “elegant” solution.  Dumping a pile of files on a client without something that ties all of the data together doesn’t feel right.  That’s why over the years I’ve been developing my own custom delivery web pages for my customers.  Our commercial construction clients, government clients, residential clients, and others all comment on the online presentations we provide them.

With our custom web pages we can provide presentations that are easy to understand and work with for each of our customers.  We can show 3D models on these pages, 2D maps, videos in an embed video player, embedded 360 degree images, and more.  It takes us a little while to build these custom presentations, but the customer responses are telling.  Custom presentations hit home with most of our clients.  If you’re interested in how we deliver final products to our clients, take a quick look at our custom deliverable web pages class.  We actually share our techniques with other drone operators looking to bring their own client presentations to the next level.

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