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It’s been a while since AZ Drone posted a news item.  We’ve been busy with client projects, online classes, and more!  In 2021 we’ll get back to a regular schedule of new articles here.

Today we’re going to talk about 360 Virtual Tours for businesses.  Many readers are already familiar with Virtual Tours for Real Estate sales, but these types of tours can be useful in a number of ways beyond Real Estate.

In 2020 the global pandemic made many businesses re-think their outreach to their customers.  For some, Zoom Conferences became the new way to stay in touch with their clientele.  For others, offering a way to view their goods and services while practicing social distancing came into play.  For many retail locations, virtual tours offer a great way to introduce potential customers to their businesses and what they’re offering.  Let’s take a look at one simple example!

Our most recent virtual tour was created for the Tis Art Gallery in downtown Prescott, AZ.  The gallery is located in one of Prescott’s many historic buildings.  It’s a 3 story building located on Cortez Street, right across from the Yavapai County Courthouse Square.  Please feel free to tour around and see the whole building for yourself!

The building is 3 stories, plus a Mezzanine level as well.  The first floor hosts the main gallery.  The Mezzanine level offers unique art shows on a regular basis.  The second floor of the location offers private business suites to a variety of clients.  And the third story of the building offers an activities / events hall.  Weddings, family reunions, business meetings and more take place on the third floor.

One Tour To Rule Them All

When AZ Drone creates virtual tours for clients, the tours become available to several platforms immediately.  The virtual tours we create become available in the following locations:

  •  Kuula is the 360 Tour hosting platform that we use to assemble and display tours.  When we create a new tour and make it public, the tour becomes searchable on Kuula and has the potential to be showcased there as well.  This is an opportunity to reach a whole new audience.
  •  When AZ Drone builds new virtual tours we host those tours on our “fun” website showcasing what Prescott has to offer to visitors to the area.  The site gets thousands of views per month.
  • Our Customers Own Websites- When the tours are completed we supply our customers with an “Embed Link” that can be placed on their own Website.  Clients can display the tour on their home page, or any other page for that matter.
  • Google Street Views- In addition to having the tour on your own website, being promoted on Explore Prescott, and being available on Kuula, we also upload the tour images to Google Street Views. We are a “Trusted Street View Photographer,” and a “Local Guide” according to Google Street Views.  And you’d be amazed how many people use Street View to check out businesses.

So, when we produce a tour for our customers, they’re getting a good deal more than just a single virtual tour.  The tour we produce appears in at least 4 locations.  And if customers choose to share the “Embed Links” the tour can appear in even more locations!

In the case of the Tis tour above, we uploaded 27 images to Google Street Views on March 5th, 2021.  On March 7th 2021 there were already 1,134 views of tour images.  We’re looking forward to seeing how many views occur over the next week.

If you’d like to showcase your business with a virtual tour, please feel free to get in touch with us today.  Remember, we can also offer 360 virtual tours from the sky as well as the ground!




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