A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words….How about 2 pictures?

We’ve all heard the old expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. Honestly, images can tell us so much in a short amout of time. So, what can 2 images tell us? Well, if they’re images taken at different times of the same scene, those two pictures can say so much in no time at all!

A simple Drone Construction Progression Image – Oh what a story it tells!

Below this paragraph you’ll find an image.  Actually, it’s two images.  One Orthomosaic 2 dimesional model imaged on July 20th.  The second image is also a 2 dimensional model imaged on July 27th.  Both images were created with a drone.  There were actually hundreds of images captured with the drone, and then they were merged together to make each respective model.  Take a look at the “image” below.  There’s a slider in the middle that allows you to switch between the model created on the 20th and the one created on the 27th.

So, what does this image say to you?  In my mind, it’s very simple.  Progress is being made at a rapid pace at this particular clients job site.  From concrete slabs to structures being erected in only a week.  Roof tops added to other buildings, the overall site getting cleared up, and the site’s readiness for the next stage of the building…..  These are all the stories this particular interactive image tells.  So, the story of one week’s progress says a lot with a simple glance.

Images like these can be used easily to track the progress of new home construction.  These progression images are powerful tools to help keep all involved parties up to date on the status of their build outs.  And images like these can help beyond just home construction.

Solar, Landscaping, Home Rehabs, & More!

Still image progression reporting, and video progression reports go beyond just a new home site build out.  These types of models can be used before, during, and through to completion of new Solar installations (on homes and as stand alone power stations).  Landscapers can show off their skills and talents with before and after aerial stills and video.  Home rennovations can be tracked as well.  The list goes on, and on.  And even private home owners can use drone aerial imaging to track the progress of their own home rennovations and updates.

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of tracking your next project with drone technology, get in touch with AZ Drone today to schedule a discussion about your needs.  AZ Drone is conviniently based out of Prescott Arizona, and we’re happy to travel to your job location when the need arises.


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