Mac Rae Ranch

February 26th 2020 Timelapse Progression

Skull Valley, Arizona

Febrary 26th 2020 Video Time Lapse Flight

This video installment was shot on January 18th and February 26th 2020.  This flight path will be repeated as construction continues at the ranch, and the time lapse video will be updated after each flight.  This is the second video in our progression series.

As the work progresses we'll see additional clearing along the path, and the installation of new structures as well.

Ranch Still Photo Progression Slide Show February 26th 2020

This is the third collection of still images from the property shot on February 26th, 2020.

Only the stills from February 26th are included in this slideshow.  At the end of the project we'll overlay the original images from the start of the project with the final set of time lapse images as well.

The images presented here have not been edited or enhanced in any fashion.  If any image is of interest to you for print reproduction please let us know and we'll edit the file(s) for color quality and print.

Each slide plays for 4 seconds.  There are also arrows on the slide show if you'd like to move forward or backward in the presentation.

February 1st And February 26th 2020 Orthomosaic

The 2 dimensional image in the right column is a before and after Orthomosaic Model collected on February 1st & February 26th of 2020.  The image represents the primary clearing and construction area for the Mac Rae Ranch project.

You can use the slider in the center of the image to expose the full Orthomosaic for January or February.  The property clearing is very noticeable.