Current Pricing For Real Estate Imaging Services

Providing ground and aerial imaging for Real Estate Agents, Private Home Sales, and Commercial Properties

< 1,700 ft.²

Up to 20 Edited Photos

Photos include Exterior

24-48 Hour Turnaround


**Add 2 Exterior Drone Photos for $50

1,701 ft.² - 2,300 ft.²

Up to 25 Edited Photos

Photos include Exterior

24-48 Hour Turnaround


**Add 2 Exterior Drone Photos for $50

2,301 ft.² - 2,999 ft.²

Up to 30 Edited Photos

Photos include Exterior

24-48 Hour Turnaround


**Add 4 Exterior Drone Photos for $100

3,000 ft.² and up

Up to 35 Edited Photos

Photos include Exterior

24-48 Hour Turnaround

Call for Pricing

**Add 6 Exterior Drone Photos for $150

**This price is exclusive only to these packages and will be done in a single trip to the location along with still photos. Twilight drone photos add $50.

Photo breakdown...

  • Exterior- 2 photos
  • Large Rooms- 2 photos per room
  • Kitchen- 2 photos
  • Dining Room- 1 or 2 photos
  • Master Bedroom- 2 photos
  • Master Bath- 2 photos
  • Small Bedroom- 1 photo each
  • Den/Office- 1 photo each
  • Bathroom- 1 photo each

All homes are different, this is just our starting point.  Some homes need a few extra photos to capture the scope of the kitchen, a massive living room, or to show off beautiful cathedral ceilings. If we fire off a few extra usable images beyond the quoted package, you get those too.

What we bring...

  • On Time Arrival
  • 15+ Years of Professional Photography
  • Professional Cameras (Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, DJI Mavic 2 Pro)
  • Lighting Equipment
    • Multiple Off-Camera Lights
    • Tri-pods
    • Reflectors
  • Professionally Framed and Lit Photos
  • Part 107 Licensed Drone Operator
  • 24-48 Hour Turnaround, Meaning- You get ready-to-use fully edited images via Dropbox, email, etc..

A few things to know...

Photos are the first impression of your listing.

We will work with anyone selling a home, be it agent or home owner. 

We will represent the home in a true color-correct manor.

We will use HDR when it's needed, but a lot of the time good lighting and professional editing is all you need.

We don't stage houses or rooms.

We don't do virtual staging.

We don't clean.

Aerial/Drone Photography & Video

Part 107 Commercial Drone Operator. Fully Insured.


Exterior Aerial/Drone Photos

  • 2 Exterior Photos
    • 1 photo- front of the house and yard
    • 1 photo- back of the house and yard
  • Fully edited and ready for upload


Raw/Vacant Land
Aerial/Drone Photos

  • Up to 10 acres
  • *Quantity of photos vary depending on the size and shape of the parcel(s)

*Photographing raw or vacant land is completely different than photographing a home.  Typically there are less obstructions and allows for us to program a planned flight.


Exterior Aerial/Drone Photos

  • 4 Exterior Photos
    • North
    • East
    • South
    • West
  • All photos fully edited and ready for upload

Starting At $225

Exterior Aerial/Drone Video

Video is great for showing off larger properties.

The length of the video is dependent on the size of the home and acreage.

Aerial video can be easily combined with interior photos for a nice but simple slideshow or virtual tour video.

****Outside of a 30 mile radius of the center of Prescott Valley?  Please give us a call (928)460-9525