Yavapai County Sundog Connector

Drones Are Used For More Than Real Estate Images

Here at AZ Drone we specialize in documenting new construction builds, generating 2D maps and 3D Models, creating 360 virtual tours, and more.  We’re available to work on commercial sites, infrastructure projects, new communities and and other similar projects.  And of course, we do offer services to Real Estate professionals as well.  Drones can also be used in a variety of other jobs as well.  What are some of the main commercial uses for drones in 2023?

Yavapai County Sundog Connector project

  1. Agriculture: Drones can be used for crop mapping, plant health analysis, and precision spraying of fertilizers and pesticides.
  2. Construction: Drones can be used for site mapping and surveying, monitoring construction progress, and inspecting structures for safety.
  3. Real estate: Drones can be used for aerial photography and videography to showcase properties and their surrounding areas.
  4. Mining and minerals: Drones can be used for site mapping, mineral exploration, and monitoring of extraction activities.
  5. Oil and gas: Drones can be used for inspecting and monitoring oil rigs, pipelines, and other infrastructure.
  6. Search and rescue: Drones can be used to locate missing persons or survey disaster areas for damage assessment.
  7. Environmental monitoring: Drones can be used to monitor wildlife, assess the health of ecosystems, and track changes in land use.
  8. Film and entertainment: Drones can be used for aerial cinematography and photography for movies, television shows, and other productions.
  9. Delivery and logistics: Drones can be used for last-mile delivery of packages and other goods.
  10. Public safety: Drones can be used for surveillance, disaster response, and law enforcement activities.

If you have a project that might require drones, but you’d like more information, feel free to get in touch with us here at AZ Drone.  We’re always happy to review your needs and see if we’d be a fit for your project in Northern Arizona.


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