eXp Realty - 1409 & 1411 Prescott Lakes Parkway

Jill, thanks for having us shoot your property listing this weekend.  I've sent along a DropBox invite to you so you can download your images for the Prescott Lakes Parkway parcels.

This page is an extra service that we provide to our construction clients normally.  We do custom pages for clients who are usually looking for time lapse imaging and video for their construction sites.  We create these custom pages for them to share with their staff, investors, etc.

I thought I'd share this with you in case you ever need private pages for your real estate needs.

The slideshow to your right is timed to switch slides every 4 seconds.  You can also use the arrows to jump ahead or back.

360 Panos

The display to your left has three 360 degree pano images.  You'll be sent the MLS link for putting the 360's into your MLS presentation as well.

I'm uncertain if MLS will allow the 360 pano with the map and labels build in.  I'll be sending you a link with the map and one without the map for your MLS listing.  That way you can select the one you need for your listing.