Levie Lane Lots

Flight performed July 14th 2020.  Coverage of Lots 63, 64, & 65 for overview of the lay of the land.

The video to the right is a compilation of several scenes in the open lots.

For best viewing of the video make sure that the player is set to 1080P HD in the lower right corner of the player.  Hit the play button on the video, and then look to see if the settings wheel has the HD symbol in it.

Below you will also find a 360 Panorama viewer that you can scroll around to see the overall location.  There are 2 unique 360s to get a different view of the location.

360 degree panorama

The 360 degree panorma in the column to your left can be interacted with.  Simply click and drag on the image to move it around.  You can also zoom in and out with your mouse as well.

The first 360 image is shot from the middle of Lot 64 looking toward lots 65 and 66.

The second 360 image is shot from Lot 63 looking toward lots 64 & 65.