Winfield at the Ranch

Luxury 100 Unit Apartment Site - Construction Progression.

Developer:  The Tanbic Company

Contractor:  CW Builders, LLC.

The Luxury - The Location - The View - The Life

Located at 3470 Lee Circle, Winfield at the Ranch located on the side of the iconic Bullwacker Hill.  Boasting spectacular views over Prescott and its stunning natural surroundings.


CW Builders, LLC Progression Video & Stills - September 12th. 2020

This page has been assembled for members of CW Builders LLC and any persons they choose to share this page with. This page includes scenes from the start of the build out at 3470 Lee Circle, through to the project's completion.

This page includes a 4 minute flight video showing showing the final structures at the build location.  It also includes time lapse video and images showing some of the changes that occurred on site over the course of the project.

September 12th, 2020

September 12th 2020 Progression Video

This video was captured September 12th, 2020 at 3470 Lee Circle, Prescott AZ on behalf of CW Builders, LLC.  This video includes scenes from July 2019, January 2020, & September of 2020 to show some of the progression over time.

Please be sure the playback is set to 1080P HD on the video player.

Job Site Stills

Still images shot July 2019, August 2019, January 2020 & September 2020. This is a video slideshow presentation with a little movement in each frame to keep it a little more interesting than your typical slideshow.

Please be sure the playback is set to 1080P HD on the video player.

July 2019 & September 2020 Orthomosaic Slider

The image below contains 2 images.  One image shows the initial job site as in July of 2019, the second shows the completed site on September 2020.  Use the slider to reveal each full orthomosaic image.