Winfield at the Ranch

Luxury 100 Unit Apartment Site - Construction Progression.

Developer:  The Tanbic Company

Contractor:  CW Builders, LLC.

The Luxury - The Location - The View - The Life

Located at 3470 Lee Circle, Winfield at the Ranch located on the side of the iconic Bullwacker Hill.  Boasting spectacular views over Prescott and its stunning natural surroundings.

Exclusive Intimate Community Scheduled for completion early 2020

CW Builders, LLC Progression Video & Stills - August 24th, 2019

This page has been assembled for members of CW Builders LLC and any persons they choose to share this page with.  Over the course of the new construction project at 3470 Lee Circle Project AZ Drone will provide video and stills of the job site's progression.

This page includes a 3 minute flight video showing off the main features of the new construction, and a slideshow of still images from the job site as well.  Each month a new page will be created where viewers can see the latest flight (following the same path) and updated still images.  The page you're currently viewing is representative of the job site as of August 24th, 2019

Prescott Drone Construction Progression report

August 24th Progression Report

Progression Video 2

This video was captured August 24th, 2019 at 3470 Lee Circle, Prescott AZ on behalf of CW Builders, LLC.  Each month a new video will be added following the same flight paths exactly to show the overall job site progress.

Job Site Stills

Still images shot on July 20th & August 24th 2019.  All image locations and shot setups have been recorded and will be re-shot each month to show the progression at the construction site.

Each image will display for 4 seconds and then move on to the next image.  Images are presented with July 20th first, and August 24th second.  Dates are labeled in upper left corner of each image.  Viewers can use the left and right arrow keys on the slide show to move ahead or move back.  If you hover your mouse over an image it will stop the slideshow, and removing the mouse from the image area will resume the slideshow.

July 27th & August 24th Orthomosaic

The image below contains 2 images.  One image shows the overall job site as of July 27th, the second shows the site on August 24th 2019.  Use the slider to reveal each full orthomosaic image.