Clark Wayland Construciton Progression Start

When we initially spoke with a representative for Clark Wayland the question was asked, "What would you like for your drone progression work?"  I think it was an unexpected question, as the initial inquiry was about Progression video.  What many customers don't realize is the fact that there are multiple ways to demonstrate job site progression with drones.

Video is a great way to share construction progression.  But visual progression can be documented in more ways than just video.  Still photos shot from the same location day after day, week after week, or month after month can show specific locations and the changes in those locations.  If you're looking to drill down on a specific part of a project stills are a great way to show progress.

2D Orthomosaic models are another way to show progress. The final model version is a collection of still images seamed together.  The final model image shows the entire job site, and like standard still images, can show progression at whatever time scale clients prefer.

3D Models also offer a unique way to show progression over time.  3D models normally require hundreds to thousands of images, and require a lot of processing time.  3D models are "overkill" if clients are just trying to get a quick over view of what's happening on their job site.

Finally, 360 Panoramas are another way to demonstrate site progress.  360 Panos are generated from multiple images seamed together (like 2D Orthomosaics), and allow the viewer to pan around the job site from a fixed location.  In order to show progression, the exact location will need to be revisited over time, flown at the same elevation, and reshot while on location.

Job Site Progression Video

Video is one way to demonstrate job site progression.  For the drone pilot, an initial flight path needs to be designated and saved.  The ability to re-fly the site over an over again, exactly as the previous flight, is extremely important.  In the end, at regular intervals the drone pilot will re-fly their last flight path and compile a video that matches the previous flights.

Below you'll see the initial flight path AZ Drone covered for Clark Wayland July of 2019.

360 Pano Sample

Simply click and drag inside of the 360 Pano to navigate around the location.

2D Orthomosaic image

360 Pano Sample 2