A New Way To Display Your Resort Or Campground

Bring your property to life online

There are multiple ways to enhance your online presence for your guests and customers.  Show them your business, amenities, and more.

In the case of this sample client, Point of Rocks RV Campground, AZ Drone has provided new ways to share their campground with potential guests.  Through 360 degree interactive panoramics, 3D modeling of their park and surrounding recreation opportunities, video fly throughs of their park, and compelling still images, AZ Drone has provided interactive media that helps to capture the interest of guests as no other camping facility in their region.

On this page you will find examples of each type of media offered.  And pulling all of the media together yields more reasons to stay with the park.

A 360 degree Panorama of Point of Rocks RV 

The first example in the right column (if you're viewing this on a computer or tablet) is a 360 degree panoramic.  This interactive panoramic allows potential guests to see both the lower and upper camping loops in the park.  You can use your mouse to move around in the pano, zoom in and out, and expand the panoramic into a full screen display by clicking the box in the upper right corner of the panoramic.

AZ Drone can help you as well!

How can AZ Drone help you represent your business online?  Take a look through this case study of one of our highly successful client interactions!

The Upper and Lower Loops

[pano file="https://azdrone.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/porpano3/porupandlow.htm"]

Point of Rocks RV Campground's property consists of 2 camping loops.  The lower loop features the office area, a laundry area, and a bath house with showers for guests.  The lower loop is for long term RV sites.

The Upper Loop, nestled in amazing rock formations, is reserved for daily and weekly guests.  This area offers two trails heading off into the Granite Dells.  One trail leads to Watson Lake City Park, the other into the granite formations.  The upper loop offers a bath house with showers for guests as well.

Point of Rocks

To navigate the map simply use you left mouse button to drag around the map. Clicking the right mouse button and dragging will rotate the map. You can zoom in and out as well.  If you'd like to see the annotations on the map highlighting features in and out of the park click the link below to get the full screen version of the map complete with additional information about the park.

To see the full 3D Model of the park complete with annotations and trail indicators please click this link.

3D Park Model

Point of Rocks RV Park is located in a unique area known as the Granite Dells in Prescott AZ.  Unique granite rock formations surround the park and the nearby city park.  

A simple 2D map is available at the campground when guests check in.  While the map shows where sites are, it can't display the amazing area surrounding the park.  That's where 3D models come in.

Not only can the model show off the unique rock formations and the park's upper loop nestled in the formations, it can also be annotated with trail markings and park highlights.  The 3D model shown here has multiple annotations, some that link to additional information, 360 Panos, and images.