NORRCO - Hughes Residence

May 11th 2021

May 11th 2021 - 360 Images Plus Video

Two 360 Degree Photos are included in this presentation.  These photos can be replicated over time to show the progress of the overall build site.

Included in the 360 Degree presentation is a video.  The flight path has been saved so the flight can be repeated over time to show the progression of the construction site as well.

Site visitors can pan around the 360 degree images to see everything within the drone's field of view.  Visitors can also launch the video from within the 360 degree presentation.

Stand Alone Video

If clients prefer a video not packaged with a 360 degree tour we can do that as well.  The video here is the same one that's embedded in the 360 presentation.  Videos produced by AZ drone can also be embedded in additional websites (if you have your own website for example), and the 360 tours can be embedded in other websites as well.

Basic Web Slideshow For Time Lapse

Still images can be shot around an entire property.  The image locations can be recorded on an initial visit and re-shot with each site visit.  Images selected can be presented in a time lapse after each flight or just as stand alone images.