A Simple Virtual Tour Demonstration

Arizona Drone offers a wide assortment of tools that are based on aerial image acquisition as well as terrestrial acquisition.  The founder of AZ drone has been doing commercial imaging work for well over a decade now, long before drones were available to the general public.  Drones have added another dimesion to how commercial photography can be used!

Combining our general knowledge of photography and commercial operation of drone platforms, AZ Drone can often offer more than what potential clients of drone services expect.  An example of that can be seen here with "Virtual Tours."

The Real Estate Industry was an early adopter of Virtual Tours to show off properties in a new and unique way.  Also virtual tours offer insights to properties for sale that were not available with standard still photography.

Taking it a step further, AZ Drone can offer our clients virtual tours of properties both from an indoor perspective as well as an outdoor perspective.  Not only can potential home buyers take a tour through home interiors online, they can now see exterior tours of the home including imaging from the air!  If buyers want to have a better feel for the neighborhood, and aerial 360 image can be easily added to virtual home tours!

Virtual Tours - Beyond Real Estate Sales

With the current tech on hand at Arizona Drone, we can offer virtual tours beyond a single home.  Where else can virtual tours be applied?

  • Ongoing residential community expansion.  New residential home build outs can be viewed from a drone, and the images collected can be turned into virtual neighborhood tours.
  • Destination location tours.  Using both aerial imaging as well as terrestiral imaging, virtual tours of parks, recreation areas, and more can be easily created.
  • Resort Tours.  Over the years we've worked with many RV Resorts catering to full time RV'ers.  Resorts that would like to show potential guests "everything they offer," can really do that with todays imaging and touring tech.

I'm sure readers can dream up even more applications.  The 3 examples above are just that, examples.  If you have an idea about where professionally built virtual tours could help in your busienss, get in touch with AZ Drone today and together we can make your vision come to life!

You can click and drag the image around in the virtual tour. Or you can let the image "auto play." You can also expand the tour window by clicking on the arrows at the bottom left of the tour screen. [ipano id="4" width="100%" height="800px"]

As you can see, this is a very simple virtual tour example. 2 aerial images (entrance to the home and the patio area), and multiple interior images showing off part of the home.

What's extremely interesting about this virtual tour is the cost to assemble it.  Only a few years ago there were limited applications that could present virtual tours.  And licensing fees or monthly hosting fees for these virtual tours were cost prohibitive for moderately priced homes.  Today, we can help clients host their tours in a cost effective manner, and we have the tools to actual build virtual tours into your own website!