Plant Health Aerial Services

Plant Health Aerial Services

What if you could inspect your golf course, football/soccer/baseball field, or any crop, once a month, and receive a complete report on which areas require special attention? You can then focus your efforts on those sections, saving time and money. All of this is possible today with our plant health aerial services. 

Identify problem areas

Using NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) technology, our high-tech camera captures information invisible to the naked eye. Our drone are pre-programmed to capture images in a pattern to ensure the entire area is covered with precision. By utilizing the latest software technology, we are able to generate maps presenting the plant health, as well as pinpoint areas that may require special attention. 

Spot damage before it's too late

In most cases, if maintenance staff spots damage from fungus or watering issues, it means that the problem is already significant enough that it will take weeks to fix. With our plant health solution, you get ahead of the problems and fix them before they become visible to your staff and more importantly your customers. 

Benefits of Plant Health Services

  • Save money

    Save money on water and fertilizer by focusing your efforts where it is necessary. Make your ground crew's job easier and more effective.

  • Non-intrusive

    Our team works around your customers to collect all the necessary data. Plus we don't need to walk anywhere on the field. Most of our work only takes a few hours to record.

  • Track Progress

    With monthly inspections, you get an idea of how effective your efforts were. No more guessing.

  • An appealing experience

    Your customers want a healthy green to play a round. Football or baseball players want their field to look great. Our solution helps you provide the best experience for your customers.

Prescott Arizona Drone NDVI TestingPrescott Arizona Drone NDVI

Marketing Applications

In addition to providing technologically advanced tools to help save resources, AzDrone offers marketing solutions as well. Your golf course or baseball/football field looks amazing from the sky. Show your customers this unique perspective by offering a 3D model combined with a real fly-through of your property. 

Contact us today to find out which product would work best for your business.