Still Image Slide Show

12920 North Celestial View Trail.  Images captured and post-processed April 8th, 2021.  Each slide plays for 6 seconds.

Let me know how you prefer to have images delivered to you.  Normally with other realtors I've worked with they just want images provided through Drop Box.

360 Aerial and Ground Tour

Shot on April 8th, 2021.  A mix of ground and aerial 360 images to provide a better overall feel for the property.  Currently the icons have labels on each.  Labels are easily added or removed for presentation.  It's up to you what your preferences are.  The movement icons can also be replaced with other icons, and custom made icons as well.

Our 360 hosting provider allows for embedding links to both standard websites and MLS as well.  We can provide you with the MLS link for your review and addition to your MLS listing.

A Quick 3D Property Model

This property model was created with a grid pattern above the property at approximately 150 feet above ground launch level.  This model is included to give you additional presentation ideas for your properties.

Additionally, the Dense Point Cloud used to generate this model can be used in a variety of 3D visualization packages.  We'll just need to know what export method will work best for you.

360 Image Samples

We've included five 360 degree images in this presentation.  Simply click on a location on the map to select a scene.  When the map is not display, look down to the lower left corner to re-open the map.

Panoramas 1 & 2 were selected from the locations that you & Clint were talking about.  Each panorama is shot from approximately 24 feet above ground level.  These images will need to be re-shot as I'm not satisfied with the color quality and the sun's level when we shot these.

I'm including the GPS locations for each pano (from the center of each pano).

  • Pano 1:  34°43'49.7119" N 112°34'40.5774" W
  • Pano 2:  34°43'49.0976" N 112°34'41.0283" W
  • Pano 3:  34°43'49.3591" N 112°34'41.9418" W
  • Pano 4:  34°43'50.1444" N 112°34'42.5784" W
  • Pano 5:  34°43'49.3957" N 112°34'42.8566" W