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AZ Drone Classes – 3D Modeling with Metashape

In addition to the drone services we offer in the Prescott area and northern Arizona, we regularly create online courses for people interested in UAVs as well.  Our latest course was launched this weekend!  “2D and 3D Modeling with Metashape.”

Drones go beyond simple aerial photography and video.  Today’s drones can be used in various industries.  And the tools available for drone pilots allow them to offer many unique data collection opportunities that can be shared via 2D & 3D Modeling.  What can drone pilots offer?

  • 2D Models of a variety of sites – Unique maps can be made for many industrial applications.
  • NDVI Modeling – With UAVs drone pilots can collect information about agricultural land.  Hot spots that are under watered, over watering, overall plant health, and more.
  • Orthomosaic Modeling – Generation of 2D maps that can be used for construction site monitoring, construction site progression, filling in Google Earth locations, and more.
  • Accident reconstruction – Drones are being used at accident scenes to document collisions and model them with minimal effort.
  • Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM) – Want to know the lay of the land before starting a project?  Or perhaps you need to stay on top of earth moving progress?  Digital elevation models tell the story easily.
  • 3D Modeling – From a simple single home site, to the development of an entire new community, 3D models are gaining popularity in the construction industry.

The list above doesn’t cover all of the possibilities, but it gives you an idea of the versatility of drones.  In our new course we walk beginning and intermediate drone modelers through the process of capturing data in the air, and turning it into usable models for clients with a program called Metashape.  Even if you’re not a drone pilot, you might find this course instructive on how drones can generate these models.

In the course I’ve actually included several free previews of the lectures in the class.  So readers here can take a look at the course and learn a little “behind the scenes,” for drone modeling.

To learn a little more about the class take a look at the YouTube class announcement below.  If you have questions about the latest course from AZ Drone, or you’d like to talk to us about our service offerings, please feel free to get in touch with use today!

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