Drone Classes from AZDrone!

In addition to the services offered by AZDrone.net, we also offer a variety of drone classes for new drone pilots.  If you're looking to expand your knowledge about drone photography, video, drone applications, 2D and 3D Modeling, and more, you might want to start here.

AZ Drone now offers classes on 2D and 3D Drone Modeling for beginners.  Check out our Metashape Class and our Modeling on a Budget Class.  If you're interested in doing construction progression stills and video our course on Litchi Waypoint Missions could help you out.  We also offer an intro course on Drone Photography and Editing.  And for those interested in really stepping up their still photography game, check out the Lightroom Workflow Class.

All individual classes are offered at 40% off for visitors to AZDrone.net and our YouTube Channel.  We're also offering several "Bundled" courses that incorporate several related course topics bundled together.  We value your continued interest and support, and would love to hear from you regarding topics you'd like to see classes and tutorials on.

Drone Photography, Modeling, Editing, & Much More! Classes Available Today!

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