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In addition to services for our clients, Arizona Drone also offers instructional tutorials and information about the UAV marketplace.  Feel free to stop by and see what Greg and Rich are sharing!

The section to the right contains our latest Arizona Drone Talk Playlist.  You can watch it here, or on our YouTube Channel as well.  

Each week we'll be adding new videos about the latest drone news, software, and our take on the UAS space.  So be sure to bookmark this page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with AZ Drone!

  • Drone Flight Living in an HOA - Check your community rules!
  • Hobbyist vs Part 107 - AZ Drone Talk 020
  • Flying over Native American Reservation Land - AZ Drone Talk 019
  • Radio Communications for drone pilots - AZ Drone Talk 018
  • Flying over people - AZ Drone Talk 017
  • AirData and Battery Health - AZ Drone Talk 016
  • Why your phone may overheat while flying? - AZ Drone Talk 015
  • Should you fly while medicated - AZ Drone Talk 014
  • UAS Remote Pilot Certificate Test Prep course - AZ Drone Talk 013
  • Which drone services are available - Az Drone Talk 012
  • Hiring a drone pilot? - AZ Drone Talk 011
  • Can you fly your drone in Wilderness Areas? AZ Drone Talk 010

Tutorial Videos from Arizona Drone

AZ Drone Talk is just part of our growing online video series.  We've also started putting tutorials together for aspiring drone pilots.  If you're looking to learn the latest drone software be sure to bookmark our Tutorials playlist.  Each Friday we'll be bringing a new tutorial to AZ Drone.  You can watch the videos here, or you can head on over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe to be notified when the latest video hits.

If you're not looking to become a drone pilot, but you're curious about everything that goes into flying a drone beyond just using the control sticks, you might find these videos interesting as well.

  • AZ Drone's Main Video and Tutorial Channel
  • My Top 5 Drone Flight Apps for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • How do I manage drone video files? Kyno, this DJI Mavic 2 Pro Owner's New Best Friend?
  • Organize, Manage, & Edit your Drone Video in one program? Kyno might be for you!
  • AZ Drone Channel Changes - New Drone Tutorials & Videos are moving!
  • Map Pilot Tutorial - Part 2
  • Autonomous Drone Flight - Map Pilot iOS Tutorial Part 1
  • Drone Autonomous Flight Apps - Arizona Drone Talk
  • GSPro and Pix4D Tutorial Part 2
  • Full Litchi Pano Beta Panorama and PTGui - Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro
  • Litchi Waypoint and Point of Interest Mission with a Mavic Pro
  • Simple Litchi Mavic Pro Waypoint Mission - Arizona Drone

Select video content from AZ Drone

  • Free Live FAA Sectionals on your iPhone
    Free Live FAA Sectionals on your iPhone
  • How to submit a LAANC request
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  • Register your drone and submit Airspace Authorization on FAA DroneZone
    This video shows you how to register your drone as hobbyist or Part 107 with the new FAA website called...
  • What drone apps do you use? - AZ Drone Talk...
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  • Flying your drone in Prescott, what you need to know...
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  • What are the rules for flying in Class E airspace...
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  • Purchasing a new Drone in 2018? Here are a few...
    Are you planning on purchasing a new drone in 2018? Purchased a new drone recently? Well, if you've...
  • Introducing ourselves to the YouTube Community - AZ Drone Talk...
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